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So, Batman’s dead.
January 15, 2009, 5:24 pm
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Good Night Sweet Prince

Good Night Sweet Prince

So, Batman’s dead.

Frank Quitely's Variant Cover to All Star Batman and Robin #10

This is huge as I spend far too much time thinking about Batman. (for real son, I actually once wrote a treatment for a Bruce Wayne miniseries called “Bruce Wayne: Journey Into Knight, that basically filled in the blanks on where he recieved his training from.)

He’ll be back of course. It’s comics and no one ever really dies in comics.

Plus, Batman is not exactly a legacy superhero. You can’t pass the trauma of having your parents killed in front of you onto someone else. Not unless you’re fucking insane and crazy. (For the record Tim Drake only heard his Dad get killed.. totally different.)

Hopefully when Grant Morrison returns to Batman in a few months he’ll be writing Bruce Wayne as Batman again. (Especially since he’s apparently bringing with him Frank Quitely to draw the book, and everyone knows that those two bring the best out of each other. See basically anything they’ve worked on, especially All-Star Superman) and the idea of the two of them teaming up on Batman is the best news since I heard since JH Williams III did the three issue arc Club of Heroes two years ago.

Any way. yeah, so Batman’s dead. He died stopping the Final Crisis by shooting Darkseid with a bullet that goes back in time. It was fucking awesome, and when he got zapped by the omega beams he just seemed non plussed about it, letting out a trademark: “Hnnh” type annoyed grunt.  Here’s the pages for your viewing enjoyment.

Batman Dead? Batman... dying...

Batman Dead? Batman... dying...

Okay.. no not really..  here’s the panels.



So, yeah.

Oh, also: FYI. I think this is the first post that I haven’t made like horribly stupid remarks in, so In honor of that here’s a picture of Anna Nicole Smith Totally nude:

Nudity increase how many hits i get. Thanks Internets!

Nudity increase how many hits i get. Thanks Internets!


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